Reverse Science Fair??

Lately I have received a lot of questions regarding the Coastal Georgia Reverse Science Fair. I felt the need to address a few of the questions in hope to shed light on who I am as a person, my goals for the reverse science fair, and my goals for my organization. I have been asked; "What made you want to do something like this?"

Well, I feel that as scientists we are doing a horrible job at making science understandable for a general audience. In turn, leading people to be unenthused or lost when reading a scientific article. In today's day and age I see incorrect information freely being passed around like candy, and no one cares to read the label. This is just an issue I have been trying to think of how I can put a stop to this, by educating everyone in a fun unintimidating way. That is when I came across the "reverse science bowl" idea! đź’ˇ "Did something happen in your life to make you so passionate about making the local science accessible to the community?" When I was asked this question, I was thrown through a loop of self-reflection... "DID something happen?" "Why am I like this?" "Where does my passion come from?" I asked myself. The answer is, I have been a hard working creative thinker since I was a child. I remember my parents telling me, "You should be a lawyer, you always prying for more details and asking why." When in reality, that is probably why I love science, it answers the "why" questions for me. I had a professor my freshman year, that introduced me to X-ray crystallography, and that is basically why I am here today. That moment lit up my eyes and really showed me that chemistry was the field I wanted to pursue. So now I try my hardest to show young scientists the different pathways of scientific fields, hoping something will fuel their fire. You can do ANYTHING with STEM, the limit of opportunities does not exists. I just want to help others see this. "How are you doing this as a student?" I want to include, that I have a small group of close allies that have assisted me in the process of planning past events, and aided in helping me build The Association for the Advancement of Young Scientists. Though, this question is interesting. I am not quite sure why my being an undergraduate student has anything to do with being able to start a nonprofit, plan events, and give to the community. I never learned to organize events or even do taxes at any point in my undergraduate career, yet here we are, doing it all... Yoda once said, "do or do not, there is no try."


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