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First off, happy Valentines weekend if you do that type of thing! I personally had a nice relaxing weekend, where I encountered a learning experience in an unlikely place. I'm not the type of person that typically says, "hello" in the hallway. It is not intended to be rude, it is more of a random introvert tendency. I just let whomever pass in peace without acknowledging or interrupting their thoughts. I thought this was fine, though I realized my misinterpretation on a walk in the park the other day.

It was a gorgeous day, everyone was spending time outside. So my husband and I decided to take my dog for a walk. The trail was crowded, but passerbys would continually smile say a quick "hello" or "how's it going" and I would smile and acknowledge back. After a while, it hit me, this was not my usual character. I overthink everything, so as we continued to walk I was persistent in greeting the strangers we encountered, and I monitored their response (the scientist in me). During our short interaction if they acknowledged the conversation in a happy way, I walked off feeling an over all positive vibe. If the passerby decided to not acknowledge, or even look away, this caused an uncomfortable feeling. Leaving me to wonder if this is how I am perceived.

Moral of the story is, say hello. It only takes a second, and it can totally change an interaction. If I walk away from a stranger feeling that strongly, I should interact with those I know in the hallways. SO I will be trying my best.


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